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"An authoritive voice sharing our expertise and sector knowledge with clients". This was the refreshing brief to hear from our client on how they wished to develop their brand communications. It was also one that had a perfect fit with The Lab Mix, our full support marketing and communication model. We were approached by VG Consulting management and business development team after they had been aware of our integrated communications and campaigns for several other clients.

They had a clear vision how they wished to develop their customer base and saw the value in engaging with Advanceworx. There were big plans to grow the business with a full service communication team and marketing department, working with internal sales teams to drive lead generation.

Working together with the client we set out to provide new brand cocepts and develop key messages. These included what the business stood for, an organisational culture and the value to clients. From day one we created a development plan for 12 months of the business communications, looking at key business messages, campaigns, events and industry milestones, that offered opportunities to reach and engage existing and new customers.

Developing the brand and communications was exciting for everyone. The continued communication journey is delivering results.

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The Communication Department

The starting point for our relationship with VG Consulting was in-depth research and a discovery process, taking into account audiences, competitor analysis and a content strategy aligned to Search Engine Optimisation.

We spent time with the VG Consulting team capturing key requirements, messages and the value that was to be communicated across multiple audiences. With knowledge of the business and marketplace we brainstormed collectively to develop brand, critical messages and develop the platforms to reach out and engage the audiences.

This process included developing and then managing:

  • Brand conception and guidelines.
  • Business collateral and materials, including stationery, brochures, lookbooks, presentations, tender documents and clothing.
  • Set up and branding of all social media channels, including message distribution.
  • Sector and competitor analysis of their Search Engine Optimisation with a content strategy.
  • All content throughout online and offline communications including company and industry news, insight articles and client project case studies.
  • Strategic campaigns to engage target audiences through email, social media and paid advertsing.
  • Content for "Outlook magazine", VG Consulting's shared knowledge publication distributed through print, online and social quarterly.
  • All internal and external events, advertising and public relations. 

Every element of the communication strategy has been built with User eXperience (UX) in mind, both online and offline. The brand building has allowed audiences to understand the value that VG Consulting provide, as well as services that they support. Their clients appreciate their insight and shared knowledge approach which demonstrates their expertise and gives a reason to revisit their media distribution channels. Brand continuity in today's marketing circles is essential with multiple ways to reach and engage businesses. Our work with VG Consulting through The Lab Mixt continues to give their clients confidence to approach VG Consulting and know that they have the expertise they need.


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Creating lasting relationships

The brand statement developed for VG Consulting audiences is 'Value at our core.' This is also true of the ongoing relationship Advanceworx and VG Consulting enjoy today. We are a long term partner to their business, working as their communication, marketing and business development department. The business needs to communicate to the right audiences at the right time and the management and business development teams have the confidence in our approach, based on the results. They see the level of support that we bring as if we are their own department, but without the frontline employment costs or department management issues.

As we say - value to the core.

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