Advanceworx have been a communication partner to UrbanWind for a number of years, providing support across brand, online and offline communications, social media and public relations.

The Challenge

The renewable energy sector is an exciting area, but one not without challenges of late. Government support, or lack of it to the industry has been headline news and the continued debate to what energy mix offers most sustainability, revenue and opportunity continues.
For these reasons it is critical for an organisation like UrbanWind, operating within the on-shore wind sector, to keep communications with clients, suppliers, shareholders and the wider public up to date and on message at all times. UrbanWind connected with Advanceworx, with objectives to create a brand that communicated to all audiences and raise their profile, from almost a standing start to one that was recognised by potential clients, industry peers and the media.

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UrbanWind is a Brand-Connect client with Advanceworx, benefiting from our full-cycle, multi platform communication approach and solutions. This is a model to allow clients to structure budgets over an agreed period to maximise all opportunities for them to raise brand awareness, continually distribute messages and create linkage to areas of importance, whilst developing lead generation.

As those enquiries come to fruition, we have developed collateral to support the enquiries including; turbine specification fact sheets, process documents and info-graphics as well as keeping all client proposal documents on brand. The online communications drive the company message and create engagement with all audiences and the support material adds further guidance and confidence for clients.

The website has its content optimised to meet Google’s criteria in providing audiences with shared knowledge, Insightful content and up to date news around the sector.


The brand is now well recognised within the industry and media relations are driving industry publications and commenters to look to UrbanWind, through the website, social media platforms and the company board, to provide authoritative comment as news and opinion breaks. This is all part of the wider, full-cycle approach we have taken to the brand communications.

The website, social media channels, offline collateral and digital and traditional public relations all come together in raising awareness of the organisation and their products.

Delivering a turnkey solution for wind energy, the business provides feasibility reporting for wind turbine projects, assists in all planning processes, structures and provides wind turbine finance, as well as installation and asset management support post installation. For this reason, it has been critical that we provided a site with digital content strategy and technically optimised to benefit from organic search queries online. Google embraces our approach to providing what online users are looking for and rewards with healthy page ranking for the business based on their products and keyword research.

The Results

As the business continues to grow and develop, our relationship with them is strengthened.

The return on investment for UrbanWind through Advanceworx has been positive with the business receiving a healthy return on their communication investments. Since working with the principals at UrbanWind, we have supported them throughout further associated brands, as well as receiving referral projects from their network.

An industry that we embrace the difference it can make in the world and one we know how to communicate.



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