Professional Beauty Systems (PBS) has been manufacturing and supplying the highest quality hair and beauty products for over 20 years. Advanceworx were commissioned to definine long-term communication strategy and brand design for the companies leading portfolio brand Skintruth. a professional beauty range which unifies naturally derived and scientifically advanced ingredients to optimise skin care for an enhanced salon experience. Professional Beauty Systems, with a UK based manufacturing plant and distribution centre, which has on site laboratory and research and development facilities, produces products that reach customers globally. Skintruth was a brand that the company felt needed new communications to connect those global audiences, and reach out to a new market audience, a younger demographic.

Truth... is that which works


Working with the internal marketing team at PBS, Advanceworx Account Manager, Margaret Darroch led the communication strategy for the brand. Focus on the natural ingredient benefits of the product firmly led the approach to how this brand and it’s individual products should be communicated to the global audiences. Once this strategy was outlined, the visual team began the process of addressing the brand style and imagery that would fit this brand. We contacted renowned fashion photographer Hamish Campbell and discussed the model and image style that would do this brand justice, whilst allowing an instant communication message to start it’s journey. The imagery is perfect. It has association with main target audience and provides the natural message that the brand and products are associated with, to shine through on first impression. Through focus groups, Margaret Darroch developed the content strategy for the brand and “Truth... is that which works“ was born. Our brand communications were driven by the desire to elevate the brand and add value to brand look, tone and packaging.


A collaborative relationship that delivered

We worked closely with the internal team at PBS and at every stage of the project, combined thoughts, strategies and audience analysis to deliver communications that we all had confidence would resonate with the target market audiences. With brand communications developed, our creative team and brand strategists produced all individual collateral and product packaging design. Each brand element and item was carefully structured to keep brand consistency across all communications as well as having the flexibility to easily translate throughout the worldwide outlets that the brand would been seen and purchased.


Advanceworx have delivered all set objectives that our client desired for the brand and the success of the products has seen great growth in all markets and throughout their worldwide audiences. Truth... is that which works was a brand statement to the success of the product, we like to think that it also now applies to our own brand delivery for this well received project.


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