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Red Mosquito

Following our communication and website delivery for our client KC Group Shipping, we were contacted by Red Mosquito, Scotland's IT support specialists and Managed Service Providers, who are also a service partner to KC Group Shipping. They seen our work, they liked what they seen and they wanted us to deliver new online communications for them.

Initial consultations showed us that this business was not like your typical IT providers. They had innovative solutions like many others but their approach to client communications and transparency was very refreshing.

How many times have you been left perplexed by IT talk? How many times have you been unsure as to what it was you really required from an IT provider? We would imagine, like us, quite a few times. The team at RedMosquito were passionate about "Not being perceived like just another IT provider". They are very unique, they had personality in departments and individuals and they built relationships. The task they set Advanceworx, was to reflect this online. We did.

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The creative element of the project was driven by an agreement and a desire, not to have stock pictures of servers, ports and computers, but have unique brand illustrations that engaged visitors online to the managed solutions they provided, as well as communicating the companies personality. Brand strategy in place, we then set out wire frames for site development based on user strategy and call to actions to guide visitors to desired services and solutions. Key content and pages built desktop, tablet and mobile designs, with focus on accessibility and user experience.



red mosquito branding

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The site is built with a full Content Management System (CMS) which we delivered full training to empower RedMosquito to take control of their online communications. Providing maximum control to the team, ensuring they have the flexibility to update users with all the latest products and solutions from RedMosquito - allowing them to mould their online and offline communications to their ever-evolving client base. As a fully adaptive, responsive  and managed website, a cost effective website has also generated new leads through better sales awareness.

Integration of social media channels have added a new perspective to the client's regular updates and shared knowledge. Through a dedicated blog area of the website, the team can communicate current legislation and changes within the world of IT. 

A Return On Investment

  • Fully managed system with style sheet solutions for site growth
  • Creation of fully responsive website
  • Bespoke illustrations and service icons created for brand communications online and offline
  • Social media integration and strategy
  • Module call to actions to allow client to AB Test site and page success
  • Strategic UX and site architecture mapping

The RedMosquito team have been delighted with the empowerment that the Advanceworx project and system delivery has provided, referring their network to Advanceworx.


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