We’ve all stated at some time or other the common phrase, “It’s not rocket science”. Well when an innovative product comes along that utilises the same technology as that used by NASA, it seems pretty apt to to comment “This is rocket science”.
It’s not simply the fact that this product makes good from the technology available but also it’s distinct design and benefits. The Aeropoint.50 is the only bottle insulating sleeve to harness the power of NASA’s Aerogel technology.

The task for Advanceworx, bring this product marketing campaign and brand to life. We gladly accepted.


The Brand

The Quiver brand takes influence for the Quiver tree, indigenous to South Africa, a tall, branching species of Aloe, known for it’s distinct shape, and, cut open will provide you with clean, drinking water. The Aeropint.50 from Quiver will keep fluids at +5 degrees, or -5 degrees. Our client wished for the brand to be flexible enough to adapt to the many markets that this innovative product could provide benefits to; sports and leisure, travel and as a children’s product at school and out and about.

We started with the overarching brand, that draws audiences in. This is rocket science brand statement was developed as a chalkboard, bespoke created font and graphic, showing the calculation and knowledge behind the product. This allowed us to take the now flexible brand statement and fit this within it’s market environments, like “It’s the science of golf”.



Advanceworx were asked to develop a series of campaign posters for the initial golf industry market. These would be used within golf shops as point of sale links.
As a start up business and product, we delivered communication collateral including stationery, investor funding Lookbook, vehicle livery and trade show pop up displays and stand materials.

Quiver was a fantastic project to work on with clients very open to new design styles and innovative creative thinking. Just like their own product. The product has not been officially launched to date with further development of the business model, financing and product design taking place, but we are sure you will all agree, when it does reach the market, we’ll be first in line for one, or two!


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