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Over the years Advanceworx have been a communication support partner to NHS Lanarkshire, assisting divisions like Salus – NHS Lanarkshire Occupational Health Department and initiatives like Condition Management Programme (CMP). The Condition Management Programme in Lanarkshire was the regional division of the wider, national CMP that was initiated by Work and Pensions Secretary at the time, David Blunkett MP.

The objectives were to support the growing number of Lanarkshire’s incapacity benefit clients and assist in their journey to get back to work. In 2009 with 47,000 incapacity benefit claim individuals in Lanarkshire alone, this was a project that was going to need wide spread appeal as well as breaking down some barriers.

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Mark Kennedy, the project director, had informed us that previous attempts from other agencies to deliver the brand communications for CMP had been unsuccessful and set us the challenge to create communications that spoke to both client and practitioner. Through holding focus groups, the realization for us was to produce creative concepts that spoke to both the individual and practitioner. “A key part of CMP was giving people the support they needed to help themselves. Assisting people who have been unable to work to understand their condition, learn to manage it and know that people with empathy to their situation were there to help.”

Our creative concepts resonated with the CMP principals and we were commissioned to deliver all project collateral. Varied products were rolled out, both marketing and awareness communications to information collateral to individuals participating in the programme. Over the course of 18 months, 47,000 individuals were made aware of the assistance that CMP could offer them and within the first twelve months, 3,000 people engaged with CMP and returned to work. Successful engagement with key stakeholders was also evident within the communication results and audiences including local employers, recruitment companies and Job Centre Plus all interacted with the programme collateral and became integral to the project success.

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Anton Lang, Advanceworx Account Manager for CMP commented: “The Advanceworx team have been immensely proud of the delivery of our communication work for NHS Lanarkshire and in particular the CMP delivery. We are also very proud to see a project that we have worked on delivering sustainable results for people in their lives.

Mark Kennedy, CMP Project Director added: “Advanceworx got our audience. They knew how we needed to communicate to them and delivered creative design that addressed our objectives, as well as speaking and engaging our audiences. We had a wide range of demographics with varied needs that had to be communicated with and with the assistance of Advanceworx, we reached them all and made a difference. Exactly what the programme set out to do.”
Mark continued” I thank the team at Advanceworx for the way they partnered with us to deliver the communications to our audience, for the people in need of support at it’s core.

Advanceworx have delivered a number of projects for NHS Lanarkshire since the success of CMP and knowing the difference these communications make each time, is something we are encouraged by. We often say that words and images can provoke thought and response and in the case of our work with CMP, the results of this are evident.

From commission on this contract we have also since delivered a number of new incentive programmes for NHS Lanarkshire and have also now seen the creative for CMP rolled out within Manchester and Forth and Tayside.


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