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When a business sets out on a growth strategy plan like KC Liner, having a great communication and marketing department is key to that success. The challenge lies with employing the right people, developing the department and manging this while overseeing the normal business day to day operations. For KC Liner, engaging with The Lab Mix model from Advanceworx made this simple and made business sense. They quickly seen the value in our outsourced model, providing the department they wanted, and with Advanceworx delivering skills they could only wish for. The perfect balance of services and management to drive a communication and marketing plan.

KC Liner operate as a trusted logistics delivery partner for sectors and brands globally. A business built over 30 years with agency brand agreements with most of the leading shipping lines throughout the world, the company has the expertise, processes and services to deliver products including pharmaceutical, chemical, vehicles and machinery, drinks and food, as well as critical medical supplies.

Our communication strategy was to develop brand awareness and its services reached the right audience, internationally. Advanceworx and the The Lab Mix model is now an integral part of supporting the business development strategy as their communication department.


KC Liner project

Reaching audiences communicating value

Working closely with the KC Liner client relationship division, we developed an audience analysis and communication strategy to create awareness of the brand and develop a lead generation funnel for account managers. This process was driven by developing a series of platforms as well as the content strategy aligning with each target sector. This included:

  • Analysing the audience and competition.
  • Developing the KC Liner branding, including stationery, brochures, presentations and proposal documents.
  • Creating content for all collateral, website and press releases.
  • Crafting a new responsive website as a hub for all mainline communications.
  • Updating social media platforms, including social communication strategy and management.
  • Producing industry publication advertising and features.

A positive response of the brand communications continues to drive new opportunity for the business. The growth strategy plans provide the basis for the business to target, and leads are being generated from the target audiences. The Lab Mix model and communication department has proved to be the perfect support to a business that continues to develop.


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The future journey

After a 10 year relationship, it would be safe and true to say that Advanceworx and KC Liner enjoying working together and delivering results together. Future developments with the business have been planned and as with any successful partnership, we are both looking to push the results even further.

For the Advanceworx team, long lasting relationships and working as part of the business through Brand Connect allows us to know what is needed and when. There are at times, reactive communications needed, although with the model and close working approach, That's covered as well.

It's exciting to be a part of a business like KC Liner, making an impact in a very competitive industry. As they continue to deliver consignments around the globe, we'll continue to deliver communications that reach the people that matter. 

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