John Wheatley College

John Wheatley College

People centric communications delivered by Advanceworx have engaged many people within varied walks of life and sectors. One such project was John Wheatley College (Now Glasgow Kelvin College) in Glasgow, part of a three regional further education college facility. With courses designed to meet the needs of learners of all ages and all levels of ability from introductory tasters and National Qualifications, through Higher Nationals, right up to degree level qualifications, the college is a learning hub for many, as well as an integral part of the sustainability within the community that it serves.
Over three consecutive years, Advanceworx provided creative communications for the college through the annual prospective. 


Competitor Research and Audience Analysis

From first meeting with the internal marketing team at the college, a delivery strategy for the prospectus communications was agreed. Creative design and photography, content and layout of critical information, as well as signposting of call to actions, lead the reader throughout the publication. Our initial analysis of the people who integrated with the college campuses structured the key audience and messages that our creative design team produced. Competition to “get people in the door” at any further education establishment was high; local community people, wider area awareness and engagement, as well as oversees individuals looking to relocate to a suitable college. Our competitor analysis took account of the relevant colleges offering similar services and we set out to create John Wheatley College communications to be unique, have a different approach and allow them to stand out from the multitude of marketing noise within the sector.


The Creative Communication Delivery

Core faculties, departments, audiences and stakeholder communications were all successfully translated within the creative process we delivered. Photography played a key part in communicating and Advanceworx storyboarded the imagery and delivered all photography required. From contents page, through to individual faculties, management departments and student support services, we delivered distinguished page layouts with an overarching style that became synonymous with the college. A consistent brand integration allowed the publications to never be confused with any of it’s competitors and this also provided a commercial advantage when reaching out to potential audiences.
The publications, each year, had to be informative and guide individuals from choosing the college, to reference once there and our strategy and creative team delivered on this.



For the three years that we delivered the prospectus, communications for John Wheatley College, the feedback from staff, partners and students was highly positive. The college enjoyed retention of students as well as attraction of new students on all occasions Advanceworx delivered the prospectus. Our relationship with the internal marketing team has always been one we have enjoyed greatly and internal project lead, Lesley Lang, Communications and Planner Manager was a supportive, insightful contact for our team at all times throughout each project delivery. It is great to know that through the prospectus delivery by Advanceworx, individuals engaged with the college, went onto learn and create their own success. That’s something our whole team take great pride in, but also know that it’s what any good project should deliver.


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