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The renewable energy sector has been on quite a journey over the last few years. Edison Energy had clear objectives for their communications, one was to align brand, culture, people and products with their varied audiences. The other was to deliver knowledge share, a transparent viewpoint to inform up to date information within the marketplace and bring an innovative get it done approach for wider communities and businesses to create sustainable energy independence.

We liked what they were looking to do and they liked how we were going to communicate them.

Brand Development

Our journey began by working closely with the business team; shareholders, management, staff and in turn focus groups with the wider public to understand the organization better, it’s attributes, opportunities and challenges.
Together we agreed how best to communicate the brand to customers, the industry and individuals benefiting from their Solar PV energy efficient solutions. Within a busy marketplace it was critical to communicate that Edison Energy were industry leaders, with full turnkey solutions for clients, including property portfolio audit, financing, installation and asset management and maintenance to offer customers and investors peace of mind throughout the whole lifespan of the project. The brand and strapline, Shaping Sustainable Energy, was born and Edison Energy had a communications competitive edge within the marketplace.



With the brand in place we developed brand guidelines and toolkit to support all brand activities. This delivered and managed all aspects of the brand online and offline with consistency of messages and call to actions, as well as reporting systems to clients, homeowners, investors and stakeholders.

Brand Products

As a Brand-Connect customer of Advanceworx, Edison Energy have support across all brand communications. A strategy was developed for all collateral including digital communications, website, social media platforms and email communications across the board to each audience. The website delivered for the business is built on a responsive platform with Content Management System to allow for the critical updates in an ever changing marketplace with plenty of media news surrounding the product. 

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An area to highlight all project case studies to provide confidence in the business delivery, as well as highlighting the real benefits that Solar PV offers to investors, Social Landlords and Housing Associations, as well as the wider communities which they serve was agreed as critical. An offline and online content strategy was developed to provide authoratative commentary on the wider renewable energy landscape and formed part of our Search Engine Optimisation approach and delivery, for the business to be organically found, through positive page ranking with Google and keyword research development.

This has delivered positive results with healthy visitor levels to the site, both new visitors on a regular basis as well as returning viewers to the site.


The site benefits from User eXperience strategy that guides each audience to the information most relevant to them, as well as strategic call to actions guiding them to further areas of the site. It’s a journey and experience that many may not even notice the work that has went into it, but that’s fine with us, it simply means it is working as it should. In other words, although all elements of the brand are engaging, the digital areas delivered for the business, although technically advanced, also take account of human behavior and engage and guide them simply as well as effectively.

Brand Results

The board of Edison Energy have been delighted with the communication strategy, Advanceworx Creative Communication’s delivery and the results in brand awareness from the industry, media and customers, as well as the lead generation the business is receiving through digital and offline communications.

Fraser McKenzie, Business Development Director at Edison Energy commented:

The team at Advanceworx have been with us from day one, developing a brand and delivering positive business commercial advantage. Our communications give us competitive edge but it’s also the wider culture that has been developed through our brand internally and externally that has mattered most. Our people live and breathe the strategy Advanceworx have put in place and believe in it as they were all a part of the DNA of it.


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